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Just like you’d hire a carpenter to build a house or a pilot to fly a plane, you need to hire a freelance copywriter when you want text that sells your products or services. BizWords is in the business of putting words together in a way that turns customer curiosity into sales.

Website content writer

Written content for your website is BizWords’ speciality. You can have all the basic web copywriting you need to promote your business (home page, services, about and other essential pages), as well as useful case studies, articles and blogs that flesh out your website content.

SEO copywriting and blog content

BizWords helps SEO companies to produce excellent web articles and blogs for their clients, to improve Google search results and raise brand awareness. If you need a batch of articles about home maintenance, safe driving, fish filleting or any other topic under the sun, BizWords can help.

Brochure writer

For printed or electronic brochures that present your product or services in the best light, it’s essential to choose words that are both useful and convincing. It’s pointless spending thousands on design if the accompanying text isn’t as powerful as it could be, so get BizWords onto your next brochure project.

Advertising copywriter

Whether you want an ad in the local rag or a billboard on the main drag, using an advertising copywriter can make all the difference. Get your benefits up there in a way that captures customer attention.

Business writer

Business writing is a broad category that includes sales proposals, RFIs, customer communication letters, slide shows and much more. It’s likely you can get a first draft together, however you might need help to polish it up, get the grammar right and achieve the desired result.

Our copywriting services

BizWords can help you with any kind of writing related to promoting your products, services or brand. Read more >>

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Graham Dun is the guy behind BizWords. He’s been a journo, a managing director, a CEO and a retail sales person. Now he’s ready to help you with your business words. Read more >>

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